Our Story

Bryce Ashey, Founder

Geeks have their own brand of creativity. That creativity is often-times quirky, sometimes in need of revision, but always done with passion. Geekdojo exists to inspire Geeks of all ages to try new and ever more challenging projects in whatever makes them passionate. We encourage open collaboration and contribution across the Dojo and with any other person or entity. All content and code carry the appropriate licenses to support that. We hope everyone can find something intriguing on Geekdojo.

And who am I, you ask? I’m someone lucky enough to be able to create a career out of a passion. I don’t think my parents knew they were launching my career when they bought my brother and I an Atari 800XL in 1984 (old!). I started coding almost immediately and never looked back. That passion has crept outward to include home automation, hardware, the cloud, robotics, 3D printing, and many, many other areas; most of which you’ll find on the pages of this site.

So please… look around, ask questions, challenge assumptions (politely people!), and create new ideas to share with others.

All are welcome.