Raspberry PI Based Kubernetes Cluster

by geekdojo

Designs, instructions, and more for a seven node Raspberry PI Kubernetes cluster.

As an enclosure alternative, Uptime Labs released the STL files for a 19" rackmount that fits 14 Raspberry Pis.

Total Build Time: Expert < 1 week / Newbie 4 weeks

Physical Construction

When using the 3D printed brackets it is possible to squeeze 7 Raspberry PIs across the length of the POE switch. Doing so makes for a tidy little cluster that will fit on most bookshelves.

All Node Setup

Each node requires some basic setup to prep it for use with Kubernetes.

Master Node Setup

The master nodes utilize Keepalive and HAProxy to ensure the node address ( in this example) is always online.

Kubernetes Setup

In this section we setup kubernetes on the first master node then join the subsequent master and worker nodes to it. Be sure to copy the certificates from kuber04m01 to the other master nodes. Do NOT copy the certificates to the worker nodes.

Gluster Setup

In this implementation we use Gluster as the backing filesytem for Kubernetes Persistent Volumes. Gluster provides a fault-tolerant system across commodity and disparate hardware.

Additional Reading